Galatasaray Istanbul

Will the scenes in 1992 when Turkish fans crashed the field after the final match take place again? In 1992 Galatasaray won the tournament not only as the first Turkish team in tournament history, but also with their first attempt. Meanwhile it’s their 6th participation in Stemwede. However, the last participation was some years ago in 2002. These days the team is pretty successful and won the championship in the Turkish youth league several times. One can say that Galatasaray is the most successful and most popular team in Turkey. Even in Stemwede the club has a bunch of fans. Besides Galatasaray also Fenerbahce and Besiktas have played in Stemwede already.

Tournament Participations
: 1992 (Champion), 1993 (4th), 1994, 1995, 2002
Top Players:
Okan Buruk (1992), Sabri Sarioglu (2002)
Current National Players:
Metehan Mertöz, Bariş Zeren, Furkan Korkut, Batuhan Tekin, Alperen Kiliç (all U19 Turkey)

Das TURNIER TEAM ist Mitglied
der IFTO-International Football Tournament Organisation