Mühlenkreis Team

Year over year this team of local talents demonstrates what you can achieve with passion for football, endurance and strength. Especially last year where the conditions for preparation were more than bad for this team they earned a lot of respect from fans and competition for their will and strength.The team is made up of a selection of local players from different clubs in two regions around Stemwede. Due to the fact that all players in this selection play and practice in their league teams and in the Mühlenkreis-Team all at once, a fast harmonization in six practice sessions and a couple of test matches is essential for coach Florian Haase and Jan-Werner Schmitz. Even though the pressure for all players in this team is more than high, this tournament is a highlight in their football career after all.

Tournamenent Participatons: 25 in total  (yearly since 1993)

Best Placement: 3rd (1998)

Top Players: Aios Aosmann (now Dynamo Dresden, 2011 Mühlenkreis-Team)




Das TURNIER TEAM ist Mitglied
der IFTO-International Football Tournament Organisation